New Study Sheds Light on Mistreatment of Migrants Crossing the US-Mexico Border

The U.S. Jesuit Conference, Jesuit Refugee Service USA, and Kino Border Initiative have released a study that sheds light on the mistreatment of migrants crossing the U.S. Mexico Border.

Worth Reading: The Economics of Immigration

We can’t take all the credit, but there has been a surprising push in recent months amongst the political classes to seriously address reforming our broken immigration system. Not only is immigration a focus of the Ignatian Family Advocacy Month, but we have plans released in the last weeks from both a bi-partisan group of US Senators and President Obama. Now, thanks to Time magazine, we have even more reasons to support serious and comprehensive immigration reform. Reporter Christopher Matthews has gathered research showing that the immigration reform will be a benefit to the US economy. It’s an article that’s worth reading.

I can only say what I have seen

I must first warn you I cannot speak of truth or objectivity. I can only say what I have seen, what I thought I saw and what I hoped to see. If you are looking for a serious public policy opinion with graphs and equations then maybe this piece is not for you. At first glance it may seem too disjointed, too subjective or perhaps even improbable.