"I have recognized the presence of the Divine"

It is in the stories and struggles of refugees - in their ability to renew and reshape their lives after horrendous losses, in their will to survive and forge ahead that I have recognized the presence of the Divine.… An unknowable strength, an indefinable resilience, and an indescribable forgiveness.

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: How to Stand with the Displaced of Colombia

For students, staff, and parishioners interested in learning about the Jesuits' work with displaced people in Colombia, the recent threats to the Colombian Jesuit Provincial, and how to stand in solidarity with the people of Colombia in your school and parish communities!

2/23/12 - Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home

Join JRS/USA to learn more about Imago Dei: Journeys of Courage, Hope & Home, a company-produced piece of documentary theater written and produced by the students of Jesuit High School of Sacramento for JRS/USA. Find out how to bring the full theatrical production and/or dramatic readings of the play to your campus or parish!