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Jesuit Network Study Highlights Resistance to Mining in Honduras

A Jesuit-sponsored study in northern Honduras found that the environmental destruction caused by mining permeates all areas of Honduran life—and also that resistance on the part of local communities is yielding results, empowering communities to reach for a different model of economic development and environmental stewardship.

Jesuits Demand Immediate Release of Fr. Stan Swamy, S.J.

Gathered around a statue honoring Mahatma Gandhi, a group of Jesuits and lay colleagues demanded the release of 83-year-old Jesuit priest, Fr. Stan Swamy, who was arrested by the Indian government on false charges of terrorism.
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Texas Refugee Ban: Jesuits Speak Out

Three Jesuit superiors, leaders of their local Jesuit communities in Texas, sent a letter on Thursday, January 16 to Texas Governor Greg Abbott denouncing his decision to ban refugees from the state.