Catholic Bishops, Kino Border Initiative Release Statements in Support of Protection of Human Dignity

"I am disheartened that the President has prioritized building a wall on our border with Mexico. This action will put immigrant lives needlessly in harm's way. Construction of such a wall will only make migrants, especially vulnerable women and children, more susceptible to traffickers and smugglers."

Jesuit Sponsored Study Finds Rampant Migrant Abuse, Family Separation During Deportations at U.S.-Mexico Border

A new study released today by the Jesuit Conference and Kino Border Initiative finds, however, that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is not fulfilling its obligation to protect the civil and human rights of migrants apprehended, detained and deported back to Mexico.

Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: Why can’t they just wait in line?

Elizabeth Vasile, a Jesuit Volunteer in Tucson, Arizona, reflects on a recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border with fellow volunteers.