Holy Thursday: The Table of Welcome

Our world is hurting enough.  This is the table where everyone is welcomed, where there is enough bread (is that pan dulce?) to fill our plates, and where the cups do not recall blood but sweet fruit punch and celebration. 

Wednesday of Holy Week: Woe To Us That We Cannot Do Better

It is not until we put ourselves in their shoes, right there in the same space where they are, that we will feel the heat, see up close their hurting faces, or simply get close, as Pope Francis reminds us, so that we can better understand the pain they may be experiencing. It is in their presence that we may ask, “Is it I Lord?” who has failed to see you among those who are suffering, and so has betrayed you. 

Tuesday of Holy Week: Pacing Ourselves

We are at the table and we are in the week, but let us pace ourselves! At this mile 24 marker, how might you refresh your approach to today and these coming days? How might we suspend our celebration just a little while longer to fully immerse ourselves in the heartbreaking drama of these days?