Easter Sunday: The Light That Pierces The Darkest Places

As I took in that stoneless entrance, I found myself wanting to shout - to the wind and the sheep - something I realized deep in my spirit: Light wins! Life wins! 

Holy Saturday: The In-Between Day

She is looking forward to the hope of new life. But she is also amidst the uncertainty of Holy Saturday, grieving the separation from the children she couldn’t afford to bring with her on the journey, facing the daily rhythms of her current life in which just finding her way on a bus in the city is ten times more difficult than it was when she was in her hometown.

Good Friday: It Is Finished

At the same time, I wonder if there was in Jesus a grace-filled resignation over the future.  After all, his disciples had abandoned him, and a few lines before, Peter, denies even knowing him.  Could “It is finished” also mean “I’ve done as much as I can do and I leave the rest to the Father”?