LIVESTREAM: Encyclical Press Conference

ISN will provide the Livestream Feed supplied by the Vatican at this link. Coverage of the Encyclical press conference in Rome begins at 5 AM EASTERN TIME.

Papal Encyclical: What’s in the News for June 17, 2015

With the media circling as the official (not the leak!) version of Pope Francis's encyclical coming out early tomorrow morning (press conference set for 11 AM in Rome, 5 AM on the East Coast -- I will be up!), I wanted to share a few of the top stories from the past twenty-four hours.

Encyclical on Climate Change: We Need More Than a Superhero Pope

Encyclical: I am excited for the potential of this invitation, for the potential of our Church, and for the potential of our global community. This potential will rise as each of us responds to Francis's invitation to be people of solidarity "caring for our home."