alta gracia

Alta Gracia Movement at Fordham University

BY ISN STAFF | November 6, 2012 (Interview done by Sadie Curtin, intern at ISN) The following is an interview done with Brendan Francolini, student at Fordham University. This was in response to an article posted about the Alta Gracia…

Raising Awareness about Pizza

On Tuesday September 18, the Marquette University student newspaper, The Marquette Tribune, published an article about many employees of a local pizza shop, Palermo's Pizza, going on strike due to unfair labor practices.

Labre 281

When I arrived at Walsh Jesuit High School on the day of Labre number 281, I had few expectations of what I would be doing. I thought we would simply be preparing food, packing it into a van, and delivering it to all who needed it. My personal goal was to try my hardest to get to know some of the people who are experiencing homelessness in the Akron community and show them someone cared. What I was not prepared for was how these people would affect me.