Responding to the Reality of Syrian Refugees: It is Our Obligation

This is a reality that Syrians and other refugees face every day. Over 2,500 refugees have drowned in their attempts to find freedom from violence and hatred.

Open Hearts & Homes to Syrian Refugees Say Catholic Organizations

National Catholic social justice organizations delivered a letter to Congress on November 19, calling on legislators to "open our hearts and our homes to Syrian refugees of all faiths." This request comes amid statements by Congress members, governors, presidential candidates, and other political leaders, calling for the U.S. to discontinue refugee re-settlement of Syrian refugees.

When Some Say "No" : Advocating for Immigration Reform Amid New Challenges

Governors and members of Congress are saying they will not accept Syrian refugees into their States, Speaker of the House Representative Paul Ryan has declared immigration reform dead, and a Federal District Court ruled against the Obama administration in a case that could limit their ability to expand deferred action programs to additional undocumented individuals. What does all this mean for advocates calling for human migration policies?