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Wrestling With Whiteness

2020-11-10 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Dates: Tuesdays, Nov. 10th, Nov 17th, Nov 24th and Dec. 1st.  3:30-5:30pm Pacific Time.  Please note- Nov. 17th is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and our session will focus on talking about racism with other white folks- hopefully some good prep for your Thanksgiving dinner!

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This training series, organized by Jesuits West, will create a shared understanding of white supremacy culture, reflect on how it lives in us and shapes our lives, and utilize the gifts of Ignatian spirituality to prayerfully consider how we free ourselves to think and act outside of the dictates of white supremacy culture.  Some reviews of the program are below.

Participants will learn to articulate their own story of whiteness, opportunity and privilege and analyze how their work is impacted by implicit bias and white supremacy.  Participants will get equipped with tactics of resistance to train, organize and move other white people in the work of dismantling white supremacy.

The program will be led by, Annie Fox, the Provincial Assistant for Social Ministry Organizing for Jesuits West.  The training is based on a curriculum developed Faith in Action, a Jesuit founded multi-racial multi-religious grassroots faith-based organizing network working across the US on racial and economic justice.  It was created by white-identifying organizers in Faith in Action who wanted to take responsibility for organizing themselves and their volunteer leaders to wrestle with white supremacy culture and implicit bias.  Over the course of a year, they consulted with organizers and trainers of color across the nation to develop this four part online curriculum.  We are adapting the curriculum the utilize Ignatian spirituality as key method for helping us discern our relationship to whiteness and our call as white folks.


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Reviews of Wrestling with Whiteness from faculty and staff at Canisius College:

“Wrestling with Whiteness” was eye-opening to me in learning the many ways in which we whites have special privilege from housing to jobs to meeting people.  I also found the discussion groups informative to learn about issues in other parts of the country and to hear firsthand  from the wife of a person of color how people of color can be profiled by police and singled out for “special” attention. 
I thought that the handout on “White Supremacy Culture in Organizations”  from The Centre for Community Organizations was especially helpful in learning about White Supremacy and how to counteract it.
The program was well worth the time.

Patrick Lynch, S.J.
Jesuit Associate for Mission & Identity
Professor Emeritus

I highly recommend this course, not just for White people, but also those who benefit from White privilege or pass as White. There are resources and conversations for people at every stage of their anti-racism education. In addition to thought-provoking content, the moderator, Annie Fox, skillfully models how to engage in difficult dialogs, equipping participants to take these conversations out into the broader world.

Malini Suchak, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation
Canisius College

Wrestling with Whiteness provided me the opportunity to reflect on my privilege as well as equipped me with the tools to better respond to racial injustice and work to dismantle white supremacy.  This program was unique in that it provided me the opportunity to holistically integrate my personal, professional, and spiritual life into this work.

Kaitlyn Buehlmann
Associate Campus Minister
Canisius College

Wrestling with Whiteness gave me an intimate way to lean into my own antiracism education and work. Moderator Annie Fox presented sessions that included prayer, group reflection, information, and intimate small group conversations. The varied learning styles made it possible for many to engage. I highly recommend this course!

Sarah Signorino
Director of Mission & Identity
Canisius College




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