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With thousands of current and former Jesuit volunteers working and serving in the United States and abroad, we are committed to connecting and serving this rapidly growing portion of our Ignatian network! We hope that this page will help you connect with Ignatian Solidarity Network both in-person and online through our events, blogs, and ongoing advocacy opportunities.

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Magis Program – Seattle, WA

Charis Ministries – Chicago, IL
Loyola Club – Cleveland, OH

Contemplative Leaders in Action – Atlanta, GA
Jesuit Young Adults and Professionals – New Orleans, LA

Contemplative Leaders in Action – Washington, DC; New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA
Jesuit Connection – Boston, MA

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Now Discern This: Little Mermaid, Big Problems

Now Discern This: Little Mermaid, Big Problems

The film The Little Mermaid struck me as a cautionary tale about clinging too tightly to the illusion of happiness. To assuming happiness can only be found somewhere other than right where we are. We grow so attached to what we believe will bring us happiness that we fail to embrace the joy present here, now.

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