The tradition of Las Posadas is a reenactment of the eve of the first Christmas,  when Joseph and Mary searched for room at the inn, but none was to be found. In a traditional Las Posadas celebration, a group of people travels from house to house singing, seeking shelter for the night, answered by those indoors, answering in song. At the third home, the peregrinos, or pilgrims, are welcomed inside to pray, eat, and celebrate. Traditionally in Mexico, pilgrims would eat the regional style of tamales with champurrado, a Mexican-style chocolate-based atole, a traditional hot corn masa-based beverage.

ISN invites you to join in Posadas from the comfort of your own home, school, parish, or workplace. Posadas will not only honor the traditional celebration of Las Posadas, but will invite you into a daily experience of prayer, reflection, and action as we virtually journey with holy families in search of hope.

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Join ISN and the Kino Border Initiative from December 16-24 in a daily virtual experience of music, prayer, reflection, and action as we journey with Holy Families on the Journey of Hope.

The Overview

The story of the Holy Family leading up to the nativity is an apt metaphor not only for the struggles that migrants are facing at and within our country’s borders, but also the promise that migrants bring. It is for this reason that Posadas, a celebration of the coming of Jesus with the focus on the young family finally finding a respite on their journey, is a time for celebration throughout Latin America. Join ISN as we listen to and reflect on the stories of Holy Families in our midst, and celebrate the gifts that migrants bring with them.

You will receive a short video, reflection, or activity each day with an opportunity for prayerful reflection. Throughout our journey together, you will also have daily opportunities to take action to protect DACA, and call for an end to Title 42—the policy being unjustly used to turn away asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Before you begin:
By December 1, you will receive:

  • Short introduction to Posadas video
  • Doodling prayer reflection activity for personal or classroom/parish-setting use
  • Lesson plan (appropriate for middle-high school students/parishioners)

Dec 16: Video: Stories from the border
Dec 17: Reflection: Faces of DACA
Dec 18: Video: Stories from the border (Theme: Mary (the mother))
Dec 19: Video: Stories from the border (Theme: Mary (the young woman))
Dec 20: Video: Stories from the border (Theme: Joseph (the father))
Dec 21: Activity: Piñata making
Dec 22: Activity: How to make cantaritos (traditional drink)
Dec 23: Reflection from The Jesuit Border Podcast hosts
Dec 24: Closing prayer