In honor of the 25th anniversary year of the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvadorforty-five U.S. delegates traveled to El Salvador from July 24, 2014 to August 1, 2014 with ISN.  Participants explored the lives of the six Jesuits and two lay women murdered at the Jesuit university in San Salvador, El Salvador on November 16, 1989, and current human rights issues facing El Salvador.   Delegation participants met with a wide array of individuals while in El Salvador including community members, NGO leaders, Jesuits, etc.   The group included high school teachers and administrators; university faculty, staff, and alumni; parish priests and parishioners; and collectively represented twenty-eight different Jesuit institutions.

“Our time in El Salvador will served as an opportunity for our entire network to renew it’s commitment to contemplative work for social justice grounded in faith,” said Christopher Kerr, executive director of the ISN.  Kerr continued, “I am so excited for the inspiration and energy the delegates have brough back to their communities across the U.S.”

Love: Remembering the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

It’s that love that I remember this feast of St. Ignatius. Certainly God’s love made manifest in the form of Jesus is an integral part of Ignatius’ story. And after my trip to El Salvador a year ago, I now have a better understanding of that love because of the witness of Blessed Oscar Romero.

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