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BY ISN STAFFMarch 16, 2012

written by: Jacqueline Wyman | John Carroll University ’12 / ISN Intern 

Just hours ago American actor George Clooney was arrested in Washington D.C. outside of the Sudan embassy during heated protesting against the violence against the Sudanese people by the Sudan government and also calling for the Sudanese government to allow more humanitarian aid into the country.

Clooney was given three warnings to leave the property but was eventually booked while fighting for justice.  The arrest occurs just two days after Clooney testified before the Senate Foreign Relations committee after arriving back into the United States from a trip to Sudan.

Clooney stated before the committee that the Sudan government’s “campaign of murder” needs to come to an end before the situation turns into the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world.

“What you see is a constant drip of fear. We found children filled with shrapnel, including a 9-year-old boy who had both of his hands blown off,” Clooney explained.

Clooney has been passionate about the end to violence in Sudan for many years and is co-founder of the Sudan Sentinel Project with  John Prendergast (co-founder of Enough Project) to monitor human rights abuses in Sudan.  For more information on the Sudan Setinel Project go to: http://www.satsentinel.org/

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  1. Jeanne E. O'Neill
    Jeanne E. O'Neill says:

    There is need for more George Clooneys to stand against violence and for justice; not just the appearance on TV or Hollywood films but a real "get in the fight" hero. The best to you, George.


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