Pope Francis I
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Pope Francis – A Voice for Social Justice

During his time as a Cardinal in Argentina he became known as a bold voice for social justice in the Church. It has been reported by many sources that as Cardinal he chose to use public transportation in an effort to live simply and also brought attention to many injustices in Argentina over the years.
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Interview with Greg Callaghan – National Coordinator of the Dead Man Walking School Theater Project

Greg Callaghan is the director of the Dead Man Walking School Theater Project based in San Francisco, California. Greg is a graduate of Santa Clara University and Saint Ignatius Preparatory (San Francisco). The interview gives an overview of Greg's work with the project and how a school can become involved.

Human Rights in Honduras: Interview with Shaina Aber & Tom Greene, S.J.

Shaina Aber (Policy Director, Jesuit Conference Social & International Ministries) and Fr. Tom Greene, S.J. (Secretary for Social & International Ministries) recently visited Honduras to develop a deeper understanding of the volatile human rights situation facing the Central American country and how Jesuits and lay partners are responding.