Care for the Poor, Quite A Challenge

BY CHRIS KERRJanuary 8, 2014

James Martin, S.J.’s offered up a concise summary of Pope Francis’ message since taking on leadership of the Catholic Church in March on the Colbert Report last night: “Christ invites you into simple living and to help the poor as an invitation to be part of the reign of God.”  Fr. Martin later noted, “If you have a problem with Pope Francis.  You have a problem with Jesus.”

In recent weeks Pope Francis’ comments on the global economy have received critique in the media from a small number of wealthy Catholics who have expressed concern that his message is disconcerting to some people.  In his tongue-in-cheek manner, Colbert questioned Martin on this asking, “Why is he gunning for the big money people?”  Martin’s response: “Jesus tells us to care for the poor…The Pope said I care for the poor and the rich alike.  But he has a responsibility to tell everyone that the rich need to care and respect the poor.”

How are we responding to this message as individuals, as a country and a global community?  Quite a challenge, don’t you think!  Here at ISN we feel a special connection to Pope Francis’ strong social justice message grounded in his Jesuit roots.  We know we have some work to do to respond to his call.  We hope you will join us!

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