Day 10: Conversion in the Anthropocene

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Photo Credit: Evan Leeson//Flickr

Photo Credit: Evan Leeson//Flickr

Readings for Today

The readings today invite us to reflect on the themes of conversion and reconciliation.

The prophet Ezekiel affirms that a wicked person who turns away from sin will surely live, and Jesus encourages us to be reconciled with those around us. In light of this week’s theme of climate change, today’s readings call us toward ecological conversion and reconciliation with the Earth. Many scientists are using the term Anthropocene to describe a new geological period in which we are living. The Anthropocene refers to the idea that humans have had such a dramatic impact on the Earth’s ecosystem as to alter its natural evolution. In the Anthropocene, humans are largely responsible for changes in the Earth’s climate. Future predictions on the effects of anthropogenic climate change are often bleak, but as today’s readings reveal, if we change our ways, if we change our destructive practices in relation to the Earth, we may be reconciled with it and live.

Reflection Questions:

  • What are some concrete practices in my everyday life that I could change in order to live more sustainably?
  • How might I share with others the importance of being more ecologically conscious of our actions?

[by Daniel Spotswood]


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