Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago Names New Deans

Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago, a developing educational innovation in Jesuit higher education, announced today that Yolanda Golden and Jennie Wozniak Boyle have joined the college’s administrative leadership team.
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Climate Change & Jesuit Higher Education: Reportback from Loyola Chicago #6

Reflection #6: James Hug, S.J. attended Loyola University’s Chicago’s Climate Change Conference and offered a series of reflections before, during and after the gathering.

An Overlooked Injustice: Myths of Invisible Illnesses

Invisible illnesses are often not given the respect they deserve. Many people don’t understand the effects of living with hidden diseases, and they therefore underestimate the hardships endured. Because of this, many people suffering are disregarded as “overreacting,” or worse, “crazy.” This is a social injustice that often gets overlooked. Invisible illnesses are rarely discussed openly, and many myths surround them.