Fe y Alegría USA Hopes to Secure “Safe Schools” With New Campaign

Safe Schools 1BY ISN STAFF | April 4, 2016

Starting Monday, April 4th, Friends of Fe y Alegría in the United States will launch the “Safe Schools, Brighter Futures” campaign, highlighting the need to have safe and appropriate learning spaces to ensure brighter futures for Fe y Alegría students in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fe y Alegría works to provide education, teacher training and vocational training in 20 countries throughout Latin America, Europe and Africa, reaching communities with the greatest needs. The “Safe Schools, Brighter Futures” campaign aims to support a total of seven micro-projects in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Uruguay.

According to UNICEF, appropriate learning spaces in formal and non-formal classrooms are crucial to ensuring quality and inclusive education. While we have seen many advances in increasing education access for the 124 million children and youth currently out of school, the quality and inclusion of the education they receive once they make it to the classroom is often poor due to the learning spaces in which their education is offered. As a result, many do not complete their education. With each project in this campaign, Fe y Alegría will improve and restore classroom spaces and materials to be able to offer better learning conditions for its students, thus offering them a better and brighter future.

Friends of Fe y Alegría in the United States will be launching this campaign through social networks, using the hashtag #FyASafeSchools. We invite you to join this campaign and defend the right to a quality education in safe and appropriate learning spaces.

For more information or to support these projects, please visit www.feyalegria.us/safe-schools



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