Stefany Hernandez

Stefany Hernández: Alumna of Jesuit Fe y Alegria School Competes in Rio Olympics

Stefany Hernández is a Venezuelan athlete who participates in an unconventional sport: BMX Cycling. She is also a graduate of a Fe y Alegria school, a network of Jesuit elementary schools throughout Latin America, Carribbean, and Africa, serving children from families facing stark economic poverty.

Fe y Alegría USA Hopes to Secure “Safe Schools” With New Campaign

The “Safe Schools, Brighter Futures” campaign aims to support a total of seven micro-projects in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Uruguay.

Fe y Alegría: Creating Faith and Joy in El Salvador

Fe y Alegría in El Salvador was founded in 1969 by the Jesuit priest Joaquín López y López, one of the priests assassinated by paramilitary forces at the University of Central America in 1989.