Day 26: Who is Truly Blind?

Daily, I see the suffering of immigrant families fleeing violence and poverty. Much like the man born blind in John’s Gospel, these people were born into economic and social hardships they did not choose.

¿Quién es verdaderamente ciego?

Al igual que el hombre nacido ciego en el Evangelio de Juan, estas personas nacieron en dificultades económicas y sociales que no eligieron. Al igual que el ciego, buscan una vida mejor en la que puedan alimentar a sus familias y vivir sin temor ni discriminación.

Day 25: I Come to Do Your Will

In the face of uncertainty, whether it be from unjust systems or medical ordeals, Mary is a worthy model. Even in the moments when our very being is shouting out that we must rest, hide, or quit, we are called to be like Mary….to rise up, to commit to the long work of justice and healing, even in the face of our own insecurities, fears, and fatigue.