Day 25: I Come to Do Your Will

BY KELLY SWAN | March 25, 2017
Today’s Readings
Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

Almost three years ago, on the first truly warm day in May in northern West Virginia, my fourth baby was born, propelling our family into a tumultuous two years of surgeries, testing, and hospital stays to address her medical issues.

Up until that point, medical avoidance was a hallmark of my life. I simply did not have the guts to weather a simple blood draw, much less the procession of interventions I was thrust into witnessing. I thought I might fold under the pressure, doubting that I could fill the shoes I was being asked to step into.

At many points, including the days leading up to my daughter’s birth, Mary’s words upon the Annunciation and words found today in Hebrews have been an integral part of my prayer life.

“I come to do your will.”  

I came to understand those words in the years of bearing witness to my daughter’s medical complexities: in being asked to step up to handle an issue that appeared before me like the tallest of mountains; in feeling entirely inadequate to stay engaged for the long haul; in committing, even when my entire being alerted me to the fear of loss that comes with an attachment full of risk.

Imagine how Mary must have felt, committing to an act that would make her a social outcast, raising a son whose future was certain to be full of tumult and would bring on a mother’s deepest sorrow, yet heal the world.

In the face of uncertainty, whether it be from unjust systems or medical ordeals, Mary is a more than worthy model. Even in the moments when our very being is shouting out that we must rest, hide, or quit, we are called to be like Mary….to rise up, to commit to the long work of justice and healing, even in the face of our own insecurities, fears, and fatigue.

Rise up, to commit to the long work of justice and healing #RiseUpLent

Reflection questions:

  • Is there an aspect of working for justice that draws feelings of inadequacy or fear for you?
  • How can you take a first step toward committing and acting in spite of those personal challenges?
  • How can you be more present to hear the stories of our brothers and sisters, even when those stories are brimming with tragedy and pain inflicted by systems in which we are unwittingly complicit?
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  1. Maria de Lourdes Lopez Munguia
    Maria de Lourdes Lopez Munguia says:

    In the years I have been sharing my life in religious life I have felt the grace to be called to the ministry of listening and every time I am amazed by God’s grace and tenderness in the journey of each person. I’m a witness of how God makes us be pregnant of God’s love.
    I’m not sure if I can do something… I Know the fact to be there and embrace the pain and joy of the person before me… I’m living a profound encounter with the God of our lives.


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