Tuesday of Holy Week: “The Church Has Left the Building!”

BY SR. SIMONE CAMPBELL, S.S.S. | April 11, 2017
Monday of Holy Week
Today’s Readings

Last July during NETWORK Lobby’s Nuns on the Bus tour, we went to Buffalo, New York to visit the Episcopal Cathedral and see the interfaith work that they are doing. It was an amazing mix of various faiths and various services, from food to healthcare, all gathered around the downtown square where a statue of the “Homeless Jesus” has pride of place. The Baptists participating in the various services gave us T-shirts. They say in bold print: “The Church has left the building!”

That is what these readings of Holy Week are about. In the Gospel today, Jesus lets the apostles know he will be betrayed. The apostles don’t know what Jesus is talking about and try to make sense of it in very ordinary ways. How often do I try to rationalize the challenges I face?

But here is the challenging truth: we are Christ’s body and are called on the same path as he. This means that we are called to lay down our lives for others—even when we are betrayed or unappreciated. The Gospel challenges us to continue Jesus’ journey for others.

This is not an individual journey. The interfaith community in Buffalo knows this. We are called to be of service together and reach out beyond our comfort zone. We are the Church and the Gospel demands that we leave the building and care for our sisters and brothers. Then the reading from Isaiah will once again ring true.

Then, our light will shine in these sometimes dark and challenging times—even if we don’t always see the light itself.

Reflection questions:

  • In your community, how can you unite with others, reach beyond your comfort zone, and care for your sisters and brothers?
  • When have you experienced Church, as the people of God, as a united force for change? When have you seen efforts to affect change or serve the vulnerable fail due to lack of community unity?
  • In what ways can you light shine more effectively by strengthening your own ties to Church—the people of God?
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  1. Jim Cusack&Jeanne
    Jim Cusack&Jeanne says:

    My friend father Dave would greet the congregation “GOOD MORNING CHURCH”. That was 20 years ago. Thank you Nuns on the Bus. We are all one Body,living onMother Earth.


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