Ignatian Solidarity Network Strongly Condemns Termination of Temporary Protected Status for Honduras

May 5, 2018

The Ignatian Solidarity Network strongly condemns the Trump administration’s decision to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Honduras in January 2020. TPS protects individuals and families who would otherwise be in harm’s way in their countries of origin, which are recovering from catastrophic events such as natural disaster, war, famine, or disease. As people of faith, we believe in the dignity of human life and denounce a decision to return people to conditions where their lives will be immediately put in danger.

This week’s decision regarding TPS for Honduras forces families to consider the grim reality of returning to a country plagued with violence, political instability, and poverty. According to a report recently released by U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Honduras “does not yet have the capacity to provide civilian security and protection” to the approximately 60,000 TPS holders currently in the U.S.

We have become familiar with the reality of Honduran TPS holders through the stories of individuals in our Ignatian network. These women and men of all ages—whom we know as students, teachers, colleagues, parishioners—are faced with a future of uncertainty and grave risk for themselves and their families as they contemplate a return to the violence and impunity in Honduras.

As a network grounded in the values of Catholic Social Teaching, we have a responsibility to extend hospitality and compassion to our neighbors in need. While this decision compromises our ability to live these values, we will not be deterred in our call for humane migration policies.

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