Buffalo: A Prayer for Victims of Racism and Gun Violence

BY BRENNA DAVIS | May 16, 2022

Buffalo: A Prayer for Victims of Racism and Gun Violence

God of abundant love,
In the aftermath of another horrific act of violence and racism,
In which, human lives, sacred and precious, were lost,
We pray for blessing and healing in the Buffalo community. 

In a special way we pray for: 

Celestine Chaney

Roberta Drury

Andre Mackniel

Katherine Massey

Margus Morrison

Heyward Patterson

Aaron Salter

Geraldine Talley

Ruth Whitfield

Pearl Young

And the three individuals that currently remain unnamed who were injured during the attack. We pray for their loved ones and for all who were present during the attack and who are grappling with its aftermath.  

We hold in our hearts all those killed by gun violence and who are victims of racism.  

God, wrap your healing love around these individuals and their families and communities, and inspire each of us to act with prophetic love so that racism and violence have no place to grow in this world. 


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  1. Stephanie Sipe
    Stephanie Sipe says:

    I don’t know if you gave permission but Catholic University is using your prayer in a Facebook post. I point this out because C.U. has a racism “problem.”

  2. Nicholas Nganga
    Nicholas Nganga says:

    Please pray that God will provide the following resources to build a school for orphans and less fortunate children Camp David Green Academy in Kenya.
    1) Ten acres of land
    2) Sink a water borehole
    3) Buy a school bus
    [email protected]
    + 254 748840033


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