Video: CEPA – Supporting Catholic Institutions in Making Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing Choices

BY ISN STAFF | October 10, 2023

Catholic communities are called to use their talents to build a more just society by actively integrating the principles of Catholic Social Teaching into the purchasing decisions of their church, school, college or university. Students from John Carroll University (OH) and Fordham University (NY) participated in the CEPA mini-immersion experience to visit The Industrial Commons of North Carolina. Students visited textile manufacturers and even a cotton farm to learn about ethical and sustainable production that centers around people, planet, and profit.


The Catholic Ethical Purchasing Alliance (CEPA) is a project of the Ignatian Solidarity Network, EthixMerch, Equal Exchange, and COLLECTION. The Alliance provides support to institutions seeking to integrate these values into their purchasing through educational resources, immersive formational opportunities, networking, and mentorship.

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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho
    Dr.Cajetan Coelho says:

    CEPA is a meaningful initiative. Young people look set to do better then the earlier folks. Giving voice to the voice of their conscience is a powerful strategy in service of Planet Earth and her toiling citizens.


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