Day 7: The Power of Words

BY ANNA NOWALK | February 20th, 2024
Today’s readings

The story related in today’s Gospel speaks both to God’s greatness and God’s goodness. Jesus instructs those gathered on how not to pray but does not leave them with that alone. Instead, He gives them guidance on how to pray properly, offering them what we recognize as the Our Father.

This scene does not merely depict a holy man teaching others a powerful prayer, but recounts a moment when the Word Incarnate gave us the words to speak to God. It is awesome, in the true sense of the word, and expresses God’s extravagant care for us: ours is a God who dwelt among us as the Word made flesh and gave us the words we needed. Today’s psalm and Old Testament provide a refreshing hope as well: ours is a God who hears when the just cry out. Ours is a God whose word will achieve the end for which He sent it.

The theme of words in the readings is a cause for joy itself. Words are a powerful, abundant, and easily accessible resource at our disposal as disciples. God uses His Word, both through Jesus and through scripture, to draw us to Him; our words can draw others to Him as well. They can change hearts and minds, heal, and inspire. They can educate and awaken people to the need to combat injustice in our society. As we see with the prophet Isaiah, they can even be God speaking through us.

In a famous prayer, St. Teresa of Avila reminds us that we are Christ’s hands, feet, and eyes on Earth. What would happen if you strove to be Christ’s mouth in the world today? Who in your life needs to hear God’s Word through you today?


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  1. J Carlson
    J Carlson says:

    Please slow down reading for the audible portion. It’s more meaningful when we can absorb the words. Thank you.

  2. sonja
    sonja says:

    Thank you for reminding us that it is not only what we do, but what we say that inspires others to enquire more about Jesus and be disciples of Jesus.

  3. Alberta Veri
    Alberta Veri says:

    Anna, thank you so much for this beautiful reminder. Sometimes we forget how fundamental the Word is. In the beginning was the Word. It really is all we need to remember to remind ourselves of God’s love.


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