Day 8: Seek Rest and Reflection

BY CRYSTAL CATALAN | February 21st, 2024
Today’s readings

As workers in the vineyard, we are constantly on the move, and at times, I may find myself going from one thing to another, moment to moment, without taking time to slow down, collect myself, breathe, and reflect. For me, it is these moments that are critical to my ministry and how I can sustain myself as a leader in the spaces I have been called to.

As we reflect on the Gospel for today, perhaps you are seeking a sign – for your next move, for a change in your ministry, discerning a relationship, or feeling stuck and trying to get unstuck. Or maybe you need strength and perseverance to keep going! 

Wherever you are and whatever you are feeling, I encourage you to consider taking a moment to just breathe and be still, if only for a moment, and spend some time with yourself and God. Sr. Toni, one of the Cabrini Sisters I used to live with in community, reminded me of the prayer practice of sitting down, putting a chair right in front of me, and imagining having a conversation with Jesus. What would I say and what would Jesus say back to me? Could I find consolation in this exchange?

I invite you to consider that signs from God may also come in the form of emotions, conversations, feelings that arise, and seemingly insignificant moments. Sometimes signs have already taken place, but we haven’t yet gifted ourselves with space and time to reflect on these grace-filled moments. 

In this Lenten season, I pray that you may be refreshed in your call for justice, find time to rest, and feel reenergized to move confidently and freely in the direction where the Spirit is guiding you next. 


  • Is there a social movement or an issue that you feel compelled to explore? 
  • What area of your life do you need to refresh, reflect, and invite God in?
  • What thoughts or moments from your day are stirring up joy for you? Where are you feeling tension? 
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  1. Cathe
    Cathe says:

    This reflectionreally hit home! Often, while facing something difficult or painful, I feel STUCK! When I’m truly honest with God, and let those feelings come to light, when I can BE in the quiet, God always speaks, maybe not immediately but in the course of the day, God responds in some significant way. Then, all I can say is, “Thank you”

  2. David
    David says:

    Be still and know that I am God. I try to make myself open to signs, but fear after several decades, several chronic health concerns, that I have not discerned my plan, my reason for being here.
    By my age, most people have been married, have worked a couple jobs, might be preparing to ease out of full-time employment toward retirement and a “fun” part-time fulfilling job. Most people have solid church communities, have a network to provide a ride to either the grocery store, to church, to the doctor, or just to go do something fun such as get an ice cream from a fancy gelato place.
    I struggle with these things, not always having access to rides. I pray. I try. I am baffled. I have a graduate degree in library and information science that turned 25 last year. I had hoped to work as a reader advisor at a library serving a largely blind and print disabled population, being visually impaired myself. But a chain of events and my health glitches combined to cause this not to happen. I just don’t know what I was to do here. It costs to live in 21st-century America; money helps buy security, provide travel options, get-away vacations, compaionship. The love of money might be at the root of much evil, but enough money can help one find the unique, alternative medical information and resources that might help one become more functional. Say a prayer for those of us in situations similar to mine, and we shall pray for you as well. God bless.

    • Carol Padgett
      Carol Padgett says:

      Struggling to find the words to respond; they’re all so inadequate. So much of what you wrote resonates (that word too feels inadequate and over used but I can’t find a different one). Prayers…

    • sonja
      sonja says:

      My heart is with you David, being in a similar situation myself. Finding I am not entitled to a pension anywhere in the world and destined to work for the rest of my life. Instead of pursuing my dreams of helping others, finding I struggle each week to earn enough money for food. Life is tough worldwide for those who do not own their own home and have no means to pay rent.

  3. Sr. Odessa
    Sr. Odessa says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts. Your reflection truly is nurturing my authentic self and present petition for keeping my heart open to God’s goodness.

  4. sonja
    sonja says:

    The best part of each day is listening to the birds singing before dawn. Then I can be grateful I can still hear and life goes on as the birds tell the plants, spring is here, time to open your buds.
    I feel sad that in the 21st century 20% 18 year olds have already lost their hearing.

  5. Susana
    Susana says:

    Thank you fof this reflection. I needed the time to literally lift many things occupying a chair in my own life and giving that time to chat with Jesus.
    Talking to him prompted tears and helped me ease the pain accumuluated for my frustrations of not being able to help others as much as I could. Of failing again and again of being more loving than right.
    But just knowing Jesus was there for me calmed me down and gave me hope to keep trying with more love..
    his love.
    That was more than enough.
    How much better our lives would be if we made more time to chat with Jesus!


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