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Philly: Brotherly Love and Pope Francis

Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia, a town fitting to his personality and his Papacy. It’s a hard-scrabble city, yet it is a city that has the highest “deep poverty rate” in the nation.

Eric Garner’s Death: I know I can’t be silent

I am angry. I am mortified. I am distraught.

The miscarriage of justice in the death of Eric Garner puts another spotlight on what our nation says to Black men today in 2014: Your life is not valued. 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. 50 years after the Civil Rights Act. 6 years after the election of Barack Obama. And where have we gotten?

Rutilio Grande: Lenten Moments of Awareness and Understanding

Grande was a man known for his solidarity and shared sacrifice with the poor of El Salvador. He spent much of his relatively short ministry among the poor peasants and farm workers.