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Violence Against Women: My Hope? Rapid Change

Far too many people holding significant power in this country do not seem to understand the social structures that influence rape, nor are they willing to admit to benefiting from a system that oppresses and violates women and sexual minorities with regularity. This is the social structure that has created space for “rape culture” to exist.


Searching for Significance through Static, Reflections on Spirituality, Social Justice, and Social Media

The reach of the Teach-In is hard to fathom. With an estimated 1,600 attendees, and the majority of them active on social media, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that tens of thousands of people were indirectly exposed to the messages of the Teach-In through media sources. The goal of the Teach-In was to give voice to the voiceless, to highlight areas in our collective history and present realities that need change, and I think that goal was accomplished spectacularly. Social media amplified the messages spoken at the Teach-In, and expanded the audience beyond just physical attendees.