Stand In Solidarity with the People of Colombia

This month we have the opportunity to join thousands of people of faith and hundreds of faith communities from across the United States and Colombia to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and reflect, pray and work together to bring an end to the Colombian conflict. Please join us in the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia 2012 movement!

“I have recognized the presence of the Divine”

It is in the stories and struggles of refugees - in their ability to renew and reshape their lives after horrendous losses, in their will to survive and forge ahead that I have recognized the presence of the Divine.… An unknowable strength, an indefinable resilience, and an indescribable forgiveness.

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: How to Stand with the Displaced of Colombia

For students, staff, and parishioners interested in learning about the Jesuits' work with displaced people in Colombia, the recent threats to the Colombian Jesuit Provincial, and how to stand in solidarity with the people of Colombia in your school and parish communities!