Remembering Hurricane Katrina Seven Years Later

Hurricane Katrina called our entire country to respond to immediate needs and reflect on challenging issues of poverty and race in the aftermath. This call was especially true within the Ignatian family.
High School Completion Rates in Appalachia by County (2000)

Appalachian Mountain Top Removal Mining – A Call to Build A New Model

The recent New York Times article on Mountain Top Removal, “Appalachia Turns on Itself” repeated several arguments often cited to persuade us to limit or eliminate the practice of mountain top removal.

Peruvian Jesuit Archbishop Threatened for Environmental Advocacy

Jesuit Archbishop Pedro Baretto (Archdiocese of Huancayo) has received death threats for his recent statement calling for responsible environmental regulation for a multi-metallic smelter in La Oroya, Peru. The smelter has been operated by Doe Run Peru a subsidiary of Renco Group (US privately held company) and was forced to shut down in 2009 after pressure from Church leaders.