"Solidarity is mutual respect and understanding"

Looking back on my immersion experience now, I see now that the concept of 'solidarity' is a complex one. For me, the foundation of 'solidarity' with another community is made up of a mutual respect and understanding between the two communities, along with an overarching unified theme of wanting to learn about the other.

"Solidarity is a combination of both empathy and understanding"

I recently returned from an immersion trip to New Orleans, my second immersion experience but my first domestic trip. As the student leader for the trip, I spent a great deal of time preparing our group for what to expect, but the actual word ‘solidarity’ was never brought up in our pre-trip meetings. I think that many of the general concepts of solidarity were touched upon, but the word itself is hard to define and therefore hard to teach. I am a firm believer that ‘solidarity’ is one of those rare words that can take a unique shape depending on the individual experience.