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ISN Joins 273 Organizations In Urging Obama To Protect Immigrants Fleeing Northern Triangle

ISN was among the 273 organizations that sent a letter to President Obama on Monday asking his administration to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a form of temporary immigration relief, to undocumented immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in light of pervasive violence and environmental disasters that prevent them from safely returning to the region.
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AMIREDIS: Witnesses to the Root Causes of Migration

What made these men decide to retake a grueling journey that had brought them so much pain, and caused them to lose limbs?
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A Journey of Fear: The Status of Child Migrants

As Catholics, we believe in inclusivity, acceptance, and open-heartedness. For this reason, we must support undocumented immigrants that leave their homes in search of safety and security. Enduring the above listed hardships is absolutely justification for being considered a refugee, and the children who migrate from Latin America undeniably require our support, love, acceptance, and warm welcome into the Land of the Free.