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Jesuits Raise Concerns about Detainment of Syrian Refugees in Honduras

The National Advocacy Office of the U.S. Jesuits Conference has expressed grave concern over the treatment of Syrian refugees attempting to reach the U.S. in recent weeks. Refugees have been detained in Honduras, Costa Rica, and at the Texas-Mexico border.

PODCAST: Obama Executive Action from the Jesuit Conference Perspective

Last week President Obama announced executive action that will provide temporary relief to upwards of 5 million people currently in the U.S. without documentation. Shaina Aber (Policy Director, U.S. Jesuit Conference Social & International Ministries) offers an overview of President Obama's action from her perspective as director of the U.S. Jesuit Conference's National Advocacy Office. This interview was recorded on Monday, November 24, 2014, via telephone. Shaina joined us from her office at the Jesuit Conference in Washington D.C.
Honduras 2009 | SOURCE: Eduardoferreira
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PODCAST: Few Options in Honduras As Violence Grows

In light the growing violence in Honduras, the recent U.S. media attention to the growing number of undocumented children being cared for in federal facilities in border states and the continued national debate we invited to Shaina Aber, policy director at the U.S. Jesuit Conference Social and International Ministries office to speak about the report.