Catholic Groups Oppose Title 42 Expansion by Biden Administration

BY ISN STAFF | January 6, 2023 Earlier this week, the Biden Administration announced plans to expand the asylum-blocking Title 42. The new plan effectively expands the scope of migrants and asylum seekers who can be immediately expelled under…

Catholic Groups Welcome Court Ruling Blocking Title 42, Urge Action on Restoring Asylum

A federal judge ruled against asylum-blocking Title 42, the policy being unjustly used to turn away asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, deeming it a violation of U.S. asylum law with no basis in public health.

A Voice from the Border: Zaida

Zaida spoke at the Kino Border Initiative on April 12, 2022, about the challenges of remaining at the U.S.-Mexico border awaiting an opportunity to request asylum in light of Title 42—the policy being used during the pandemic to deny migrants the right to seek asylum.