Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice 2019

Get ready to be challenged, inspired, and uplifted at #IFTJ

Organizations and individuals are called to share their work and passion for justice on the Teach-In stage or during one of three IFTJ breakout sessions.

Breakout Sessions
Due 8/28; Student applications due 9/13

Breakout Session Guidelines

Thank you for your interested in leading a breakout session at the 2019 Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice!

Before you get started on your application, please read through these guidelines:

Breakout sessions should be:

  • Engaging: Build interaction, role-playing, discussion, or other creative tools into your breakout session to keep your attendees engaged and thinking. Try to avoid a dry lecture or panel presentation with very little participation from the audience.
  • Include “Real-World” Aspects: Think through how you might build bridges between the lived experiences of attendees and your work. Tell a powerful story. Allow participants to practice a skill you’re teaching. Provide practical discussion questions and allow ample time for attendees to apply your message to their own work for justice. Don’t rely on a lecture to connect attendees in a personal way to your topic!
  • Identify a goal for your breakout session: Of the five following areas, what is your primary goal for your session? Think through these options to help you frame your session content. (Have another goal in mind? Choose “other” on the application and let us know what that goal is!)
      • Issue/Topic Education: Your primary goal is to educate on a specific justice issue or topic, to build awareness. (Ex: farmworkers rights, just labor practice, divestment, etc.)
      • Advocacy/organizing training: Your session primarily provides specific skills needed for effective advocacy (on the legislative, local, institution, or campaign level) and/or organizing around a specific justice issue. (Ex: best practices for legislative advocacy visits, organizing a sustainability campaign at your school, etc.)
      • Professional Development: Your session is primarily geared toward enhancing the work of professionals in the Ignatian network, particularly including high school and/or university faculty and staff. (Ex: Integrating justice issues in the classroom, exploring pedagogy and practice from a justice educator perspective, etc.)
      • Spirituality and discernment: Your session is focused on personal or community spiritual practice, including, but not limited to, the Ignatian tradition, or discernment. (Ex: praying with the Examen, post-college discernment, etc.)
      • Engaging Issues Through Art: Utilizing the creative process in justice work (Ex: poetry, song, visual, literature)


  1. Be sure to have all of your information ready to go! Unfortunately, you can’t come back to your application once you submit, so make sure you’d considered all questions.
  2. Consider your title! Many people choose their breakout sessions based on the title. 
  3. Choose your audience. The best breakout sessions are geared toward a specific audience in topic and delivery. The largest demographics at IFTJ will include high school students, high school faculty and staff, college students, university faculty and staff, members of Catholic parishes, and current and former Jesuit volunteers.
  4. Delivery Matters! Breakouts should be participant-centered and include opportunities for engagement, interaction, and/or networking through discussion.
  5. Please strongly consider your word count and word choice for your session descriptions. We’ll edit everything before it is published, but we want to be sure that we understand your goals, topic, and ideas!

Ignatian Network Speakers
Due 9/13

Ignatian Network Speaker Guidelines

Coming soon!

Personalize your IFTJ experience by choosing from 6 large scale breakout session options on Saturday evening. Large-scale breakout session options will be announced by August 2019.

With over 25 presenting organizations in each of the Sunday breakout sessions, you’ll be able to connect with the justice issues you’re most passionate about. Breakout sessions will be announced in August 2019.

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