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Become a Speaker

Applications For:

Breakout session applications are due September 11
Ignatian network speaker applications are due September 11
Roundtable host applications are due September 18
Reflection host applications are due September 18

Speaking Opportunity Descriptions:

Breakout Sessions: Breakouts are 30-minute presentation based sessions that will take on Sunday, October 25. Individuals and organizations are invited to apply.

Ignatian Network Speaker: Ignatian Network speakers will have the opportunity to speak to 5,000 students, staff, parishioners and Ignatian family members during the general sessions of the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. Speeches will be up to 5 minutes.

Before you get started on your application, please read through these guidelines:

Animate the Theme: Prophetic Resilience: Breaking Down. Building Up. 

How does the 2020 Teach-In theme connect to your experience? Use the theme as a starting point to discern the story and message you wish you to share – don’t pick a story and try to force the theme to work with it.

Think about your message and try to summarize it in one sentence.  Use that sentence as a roadmap. All of the details you share should support your main point.

Consider the Audience:

What do you want the audience to feel? What do you want the audience to learn and know? 

How might your message inspire the audience to act?

Communicate your message through storytelling:

Be sure to tell your story.  Honor and empower others by allowing them to tell their own story. 

Rhetoric is less important than lived human experiences.

Asset-Based Message

Applying an asset-based approach to language is crucial when engaging in justice work as it honors the dignity and strengths of individuals and communities.

This means using language that will focus on positive outcomes and personal strengths, rather than problems and barriers. It does not mean negating the injustices present; it does mean reorienting the understanding of the problem as being related to systems and structures of power than maintain inequity. Language is powerful and the words we choose are important, directly impacting the story you will shape for others to hear.


  1. Be sure to have all of your information ready to go! Unfortunately, you can’t come back to your application  once you submit, so make sure you’ve considered all questions.
  2. Consider your title! This should connect with your main point.
  3. Delivery Matters! You want to not only capture the audience’s attention, but to hold it.  A dynamic delivery engages the audience.
  4. Please strongly consider your word count and word choice for your session descriptions. We’ll edit everything before it is published, but we want to be sure that we understand your ideas and message as it relates to the theme.

Roundtable Discussion Host: IFTJ roundtable discussions are intended to be an interactive space for up to 20 IFTJ community members to gather and participate in a topic-based discussion. Opportunities for 30-minute roundtables will be offered on Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25 of IFTJ. Hosts are asked to provide guiding questions, to foster discussion, and to allow equal participation from all present.

Reflection Facilitator: Opportunities for 15-30 minute reflections will be offered on Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25 of IFTJ. Individuals interested in facilitating a guided reflection for IFTJ community members (ex: Taize, an examen, prayerful meditation, etc.) are invited to apply.

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