Solidarity: Living the Life Laid out for Us

Written by: Jaclyn Bolzenius, Rockhurst University ’14

In preparation for a service immersion trip, it is hard to predict the kind of experience you will have.  Before my departure for the orphanage in Honduras, I made a commitment to myself to not have any expectations of what will happen, but to only live by the phrase of Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” I left with the inevitable knowledge that something great was to happen, but was clueless to the impact it would have on me.

Upon arrival to this foreign country, I discovered that it was not hard to find common ground with the children at the orphanage. Immediate love and care was shown to the Americans with laughter and warm welcomes from everyone. Throughout the week, our hearts joined together to find the real connection we had: to love and be loved. The endless kisses and hugs I received were just a glimpse of the generosity of the people in Honduras. Every day, I was reminded of the sacrifices they made to provide for themselves and their family and the little suffering I endure. Before I left the United States on this journey, I viewed my mission in life as being happy and satisfied with the life I have led. I see now through the people I encountered during this week that life is much more than being satisfied. Life is about stretching yourself to the ends of the Earth to live the life that Jesus laid out for us. In my journal on the trip, I reflected that the people of Honduras “live the life of humility, grace, and generosity that God set out for each of us.” As Christians, we are put on this earth to be bearers of the crosses of others. We are to walk humbly through our sacrifices and purely devote our heart to those less fortunate than us. Their pure hearts and souls have shown me the face of God and united our souls in solidarity.

After my immersion experience in Honduras, solidarity has become not just a union of beliefs or attitudes, but has become a union of souls. I will now try to live the life they showed me. Forevermore, my soul is bound to the Hondurans who taught me what it means to have a pure heart and soul.

[gn_quote style=”2″]“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” Matthew 5:8[/gn_quote]

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