Nogales Posada Illustrates Immigration Reality

BY GUEST BLOGGER December 18, 2014

written by: Teresita Scully

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published  in The New Vision (Catholic Diocese of Tucson) and has been re-published with permission.

posada2The Posada Procession in Nogales on December 13th was kissed with a light desert rain, which is always a gift from heaven in our drought-stricken area. The procession moved along the border wall, the ugly, gigantic piece of metal that now separates communities and families that have lived together for decades, in some cases centuries. The traditional Posada song was adapted to the circumstances. It expressed from the Mexican side the longing of migrants at our doorstep, which has been a part of our nation’s history from its beginning. They beg to be allowed refuge, but the harsh present response echoes from the American side—there is no room here for you.

Recently students from Lourdes Catholic School who belong to the Kino Teen Club associated with the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales were in DC for the [Ignatian Family] Teach-In. Kino Teen students took part in the Posada reading various parts. Joseph was Luis Ramos, Mary was Mariana Campos and the angel was Mariajose Herrera. Other students carried banners and helped read the prayers and reflections in both Spanish and English. They maintained their poise despite the rain.   At one point the procession going uphill was met by a funeral procession coming downhill. A migrant assumed the role of traffic agent and the two processions passed each other gracefully, one representing the hope of eternal life, the other representing the hope of a better life for the world’s poor who seek refuge and help even as Joseph and Mary sought refuge and hope in their hour of need.

The Posada is sponsored by the Dioceses without Borders. The Dioceses of Phoenix, Tucson and Hermosillo hope to call attention to the plight of displaced migrants who are fleeing severe poverty, violence and social upheaval in their native countries. Our bishops have pleaded–as has our holy father Pope Francis–for understanding of these marginalized people. This year the voice of Fr. Samuel, Lozano,S.J. of the Kino Border Initiative led the music as we sang songs to Our Lady and Spanish Christmas songs between stations of the Posada. When the group arrived at the Center for Migrants operated by the Kino Border Initiative, the migrants were brought inside and treated to a delicious hot meal. Other guests sat outside under a light canopy as they were served by members of the staff and the Kino Teens from Lourdes Catholic School.


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