In Response to the Act of Violence in Parkland, FL

BY ISN STAFF | February 15, 2018  – Updated 3/7/18

In response to the shooting in Parkland, Florida (2/15/18) we offer a few resources (NOTE: This list is not exhaustive) on gun violence and Catholic teaching on this issue.

This resource was initially developed throughout 2012 after the tragic shootings at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  As a network of individuals and institutions committed to justice and peace, we join the entire country in praying for the victims, their families, and those responsible, particularly in light of the continued epidemic of gun violence in the U.S.  During this Lenten season, we especially pray for hope that we can collectively work for a more peaceful world.


Anti-Gun Violence Event Information

Statements and Letters:


Educational Resources:

Prayer and Reflection Resources:

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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  1. Sheila Rosenthal
    Sheila Rosenthal says:

    This is the lamest response, like so many weak and trite responses. Our people are being slaughtered en made. Our children are unsafe outside the home. We have had mass shootings in churches, concerts, schools and businesses in the last year. And not by foreigners, but by white, American men. Catholic bishops need to get in touch with America and get out in front and LEAD us. Prayers won’t move Congress, but people rising up together, united, will. We need the church to help us stop this madness, not pacify us as our families are gunned down.

  2. Rebecca Leier
    Rebecca Leier says:

    Thank you for posting these resources so quickly. As a parent and a youth minister, I appreciated having this link to share with teens and families in our parish. As one BODY we are all in shock at the escalating gun violence in our nation; especially teens against teens and against them selves. Can we as a BODY make a difference with legislation in our current government and its climate ? That’s a good question. God be with us all and especially those families who are directly suffering in this latest senseless act of violence.

  3. B Thwaite
    B Thwaite says:

    Your prayers consistently fail and result in dead children. So much for your life of prayer. So much for the good that prayer does. It does nothing and you continue to let children die. Get off your fat, pampered, well fed butts, bishops, and get out into the community and protect children with your own bodies by marching for banning assault weapons or drown in the tide of history. You’re already losing millions of Catholics every year. Looks like you’ll lose even more as children continue to be killed and their loved ones and friends turn their backs on the thoughts and prayers of Catholic prelates.

  4. Kilo 4/11
    Kilo 4/11 says:

    Nikolas Cruz’s psychosis ended in a bloody massacre not only because of the stunning incompetence of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. It was also the result of liberal insanity working exactly as it was intended to.

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