Blessed Are the Learners

BY SARAH SIGNORINO | September 10, 2018

Blessed are the learners.
Blessed are the triers.
Blessed are the doers.
Blessed are they who struggle.
Blessed are they who are lonely.
Blessed are the inviters.
Blessed are they who fidget.
Blessed are the jokesters.
Blessed are the anxious.
Blessed are the first-timers.
Blessed are the upperclassmen.
Blessed are the experts.

Blessed are they who provide love and encouragement.
Blessed are they who are starving for love and encouragement.
Blessed are the backpack packers.
Blessed are those who remember.
Blessed are those who forget.

Blessed are the drivers, those who navigate buses, those who navigate carpool.
Blessed are those who walk, run, bike to learn.
Blessed are those who come from afar to educate and be educated.

Blessed are the dishwashers, the cooks, those who do the grocery shopping.
Blessed are the organizers, those who make copies, those who advertise events, those who challenge with their invitations.
Blessed are the checkers, those who look over homework, who correct reading and spelling mistakes, those who grade, those who seek the magis in learners.
Blessed are the tutors, the aides, the after-school workers, all those who provide extra help.
Blessed are the cleaners, those who organize, those who sanitize, those who polish.
Blessed are the administrators, those who hire, those who plan, those who unify.
Blessed are the teachers, those who give of their time, their prayers, their money to make things a little extra welcoming.

May we all support one another with hearts of gratitude.


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