Exchanges Between Heads of State

I step back from the discomfort, and I also realize that a huge wall of division has come down. Normally the media goes the way of the government, and all the media outlets are reporting about the pope with a very positive outlook. My parents are in disbelief. There’s a great sense of hope in the air. People are speaking publicly about some of the most important issues that need to be addressed in the country.

Street Walls #2: A Contemplation of Place

The pope will drive many streets where these signs are. I’m not sure if he’ll see them, but I’m sure he’ll be exhausted toward the end. He is a living sign that “Happiness is found in giving,” and he gives so much. His work of love takes great effort. Would you pray for him today? (Send the pope your love at #popefrancis, if you’re into that. I’m sure he could use it, especially at the end of his trip on Feb. 17.)

Street Walls #1: A Contemplation of Place

The Pope will drive past some of these walls. He might miss them, which is fine, because he’ll be having an even bigger effect in Ciudad Juarez. The hideous graffiti on fabric is nowhere to be found. Yet, Hope on Concrete is still standing! I hope this visit does something similar to Ciudad Juarez.