Racial Justice Panel

Large-Scale Breakout Sessions

Saturday, 11/3, 8:20-9:10 PM

Journeying Together: Addressing Racial Justice

Panel Description: The realities of racism are felt daily, implicitly and explicitly, by people of color of many backgrounds. As we, in our country, work to address racial inequality and white supremacy, we all have a role to play. Panelists will discuss efforts to build a more just culture on our campuses, in our faith communities, and as a nation.

Panelists Include

Reverend Scott Adams

Assistant Director of Interfaith and Ecumenical Ministries, Loyola University Maryland

Scott Hamilton Adams serves the Loyola Community as the Assistant Director of Interfaith and Ecumenical Ministries. He holds two Master’s Degrees in Theology; Th.M from Duke University’s School of Divinity, and an MA from St. Mary’s Seminary & Ecumenical Institute. He has also completed a course of study in Executive Coaching at the The University of Texas, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from James Madison University. Prior to coming to Loyola, Scott served as the founding Senior Pastor of Ekklesia Community Ministries in Bel Air, Maryland, served as the director of a non-profit restorative justice program in Durham, NC, and as an administrator for Maryland’s Health and Human Services agency. He has a wealth of experience in the areas of race and faith, restorative justice, trauma and crisis intervention, grief and bereavement. He writes extensively and lectures on various issues surrounding theological ethics and social justice. Scott is married to Tanya, and they have two children, Ray and Scotty.

Shelly Tochluk, PH.D.

Anti-Racism Educator and Author of Witnessing Whiteness

An educator, with a background in psychology, I spent ten years as a researcher, counselor, and teacher in California’s public schools. I now train teachers to work with Los Angeles’ diverse school population as a Professor in the Education Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University-Los Angeles. My personal dedication to confront issues of race developed first through my participation with UCLA’s NCAA Division-1 All-American Track and Field 4X400 meter relay team and later through my inner city teaching experiences. I currently work with AWARE-LA (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere-Los Angeles). With this group, I co-created a workshop series that leads white people into a deeper understanding of their personal relationship to race, white privilege, and systemic racism.